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Learning the fun way! Develop your own swing and make the sport of golf your own!

              Introduction to the Facilities


Playing Lessons

Round lessons are mainly held in Chiba prefecture, or anywhere in the Kanto area. If you have a specific golf course you'd like to play at, please let us know!

Special rates are available at
McGregor CC, Honchiba CC, Millefeuille GC, and Skyway CC in Chiba prefecture.


Par4-hole Reserved Practicing Lessons

Par 4 Hole lessons are held at the McGregor Country Club / Morinaga-takataki C.C. in Chiba, located about an hour from downtown Tokyo. We will concentrate on the short game going through the intricacies of the approach, bunker shots, and putting. We can also work on driving off the tee and learning various shots from the fairway.


Outdoor Driving Range Lessons

 Lessons are held at a 250-yard practice range in Chiba City. There is also a space where you can practice your chip shots and bunker shots. Short game lessons are also an option!


Indoor Lessons

Indoor lessons take place in the Tokyo area. During the day, lessons are usually held in Shinbashi while evening lessons are held at simulation golf studios in Shinjuku and Kayabacho. We can also give lessons at golf studios in other cities. Please feel free to contact us for more information.