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Learning the fun way! Develop your own swing and make the sport of golf your own!

About Tad Omi


Bringing Together Japanese and American Golf Perspectives

1.50001.jpgTogether with Coach Omi, students will learn golf techniques, develop a positive attitude, learn various drills and practice methods, and master course management. In addition to this, students will learn to play American-style golf by being more aggressive as well as having more fun on the course. We hope this will give students the motivation to continue improving their game and give them the opportunity to develop their own style of golf.

Comprehensive Lesson Plans

By using a video camera, Tad's lessons will provide students a comprehensive understanding of the golf swing. Students will learn the secrets of the driver, the stability of using an iron, the ways to develop and adjust a powerful swing, the approach, the putter, the bunker, in addition to more advanced techniques. Students will also learn to develop the mindset, mentality, and course management skills that will help them to improve their scores. Moreover, Tad will address each student’s specific concerns and guide his students to success.

I will share my knowledge and support your endeavors in the game of golf.

Pro Golf Coach   Tad Omi